Software Defined Storage – marketing boloney or technical Breakthrough?

If you’re as suspicious as Wikipedia and I are about the new marketing buzzwords that have transcended the Networking world into Storage terminology, then this might be a post for you. OK, so I tried a sort of reverse-engineering approach when investigating about Software Defined Storage (SDS). I tried to figure out how SDN would … More Software Defined Storage – marketing boloney or technical Breakthrough?

Basic BGP Concepts

Here is a very short introduction to Border Gatway Protocol (BGP) – or Bloody Good Protocol as some like to call it. BGP is a routing Protocol, which is used mainly for: Sharing prefixes (networks) between ISPs, thus enabling the Internet to scale; Multi-home an organization to several ISPs (whereby Internet prefixes from ISPs are … More Basic BGP Concepts

How to do rough Storage Array IOPS estimates

This post is dedicated to trying to get around the mistery factor that Cache and Storage Array algorithms have, and helping you calculating how many disks you should have inside your Storage Array to produce a stable average number of disk operations per second – IOPS. Face it, it is very hard to estimate performance – more … More How to do rough Storage Array IOPS estimates

iBGP basics

BGP peers that belong to the same Autonomous System (AS) are considered iBGP peers. Why is this important? Because iBGP behavior is different from eBGP, even though the commands might be quite similar. Here is a summary of the differences: AS-Path is only pre-pended at eBGP border, not in iBGP. iBGP has thus its own loop … More iBGP basics

EMC acquires ScaleIO

EMC acquired the Storage Startup ScaleIO for $200M-$300M. ScaleIO is a Palo Alto based Startup that competes with Amazon AWS, more specifically with its Elastic Block Storage (EBS). They use an architecture of grid computing, where each computing node has local disks and ScaleIo Software. The Software creates a Virtual SAN with local disks, thus providing … More EMC acquires ScaleIO